In case of...Do this

Production outage

  • The site is not responding and returns HTTP 502, HTTP 503 and other weird error messages
  • The very basic editing functions do not work and you constantly see red alert boxes in the UI
  • Compiling fails to compile anything and provides no meaningful error messages or logs

Production outages are rare and usually we are alerted by our monitoring tools. However, it still may happen.


Check if there are any status updates in our Twitter. If Twitter keeps silence, and the problem persists for a while, please use alert contacts.

Data or security issues

  • Papeeria service in general is available
  • You can't access your account, project or file
  • You suspect a security problem

Is it urgent?

If you can wait a few hours, please file a new support request.

If this issue is urgent and requires immediate action, use alert contacts

Troubles with LaTeX typesetting

  • How can I use Roman numbers in enumerations?
  • How can I make dashed lines in TikZ?
  • Why compiler produces so many errors?


LaTeX is complex software and sometimes not very user friendly. Please bear in mind that Papeeria is a collaborative editing service. We are not LaTeX vendors and usually do not consult on LaTeX typesetting.

For newbies there is a good intro to the major features of LaTeX on LaTeX Wikibooks site. In case of troubles, TeX Stack Exchange site is a great resource to search for solutions and ask for help from a great community of brilliant people who have very strong expertise on many aspects of TeX typesetting.

Not really critical bug in Papeeria

  • Slightly broken page layout
  • Broken link
  • Anything else which looks like a bug but does not cause a lot of troubles and does not prevent from using the service


Please file a new bug report. Please do not send emails to alert address in such cases.

You have a brilliant idea

  • Add export to MS Word!
  • Artificial Intelligence to write papers for me!
  • etc.


Please submit a new feature request.

Anything else

  • You want to donate us $1M…
  • … or mention us in your article in Nature Magazine
  • … or at least add a few words to customer testimonials


Please send an email to