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Easy to start
LaTeX environment is already installed and ready to run. The only required software is a web browser.
Easy to use
Feature-rich editor with real-time collaboration, discussions in the margin New!, dual monitor support. Not to mention syntax highlighting, word completion, spellchecker, image assistant and other stuff.
Template Gallery
Create new documents instantly from one of our templates. Whether you start your CV, work on a paper for an ACM journal or prepare a presentation full of maths, there is a template for that.

View templates
Quick simple plots
Insert simple line charts and histograms instantly
Powerful gnuplot scripts
Run gnuplot and produce sophisticated plots from your data and calculations
Keep your work private and control read and write access, or make it public and accessible to everyone in the world
Real-time collaboration
Work together on the same document in the real-time. Get notifications on updates. No collaborator count limits!
Same environment
No more issues with colleagues using different TeX distros and packages
Create snapshots of your project to save important state and rollback if necessary
Papeeria runs on all major desktop operating systems with any reasonably modern browser
Papeeria Mobile runs on iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and smartphones and provides rich subset of the desktop edition features, including real-time collaboration
Connection Resilience
If your connection breaks, Papeeria will autosync when youre online again
No lock in
You can download projects as ZIP archives at any moment and work offline with your local TeX distro