Cloud research platform

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LaTeX editor

LaTeX is already installed and configured on our servers. Just write your LaTeX documents in the editor with syntax highlighting, spellchecker and word completion and compile it to PDF. Use one of our templates to create new documents quickly.

Collaborative work

Share documents with your colleagues and work together, in read-write mode.

Plots drawing

Got some data from experiments? Create a plot and insert it into your document easily.

Always available

Access your projects from your Windows, Mac or Linux desktop. Are you on the go? Papeeria mobile works with iPad, iPhone or Android. The only software you need is a modern web browser.

Reliable service

We replicate data, we do backups and restores, and our monitoring sends us alerts should anything go wrong.

No lock-in

You can download your projects as ZIP archive at any time and continue working offline with your local TeX distro.

Affordable pricing

Enjoy free Epsilon plan for occasional use: it is free forever. If you're an active researcher, check out plan Delta which starts from $5/month.

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